See you tomorrow

2 May - 7 July 2019
Sirius Arts Centre
Cobh, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland

In a town that is not only known for its dark, popular history of famine, poverty, forced emigration and nautical disasters, but is also implicated in the global mood of uncertainty and despair, how is it possible to stay optimistic about the future?

Australian artists Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong have pondered on this question since 2016, and have responded with See you tomorrow, a series of public events focused on an optimistic collective vision of Cobh's future. They have momentarily deflected attention from impending environmental disaster, political chaos, institutional disintegration and cultural fragmentation by redirecting our gaze towards the promise and furtherment of what appears abundantly in Cobh: social ideals, creative collaborations and community-driven initiatives.


Proof of Life

23 September - 14 October 2017
Salamanca Arts Centre,
Hobart, Australia

At the core of this exhibition is a provocation: the world is on a path to environmental, political, economic and social disaster.

Eleven artists were asked to find proof of life - existing and persistent tendencies that may preserve our human habitat - where the progressive vision of a better world for all inhabitants remains ascendant; where trust, tolerance, peace and co-operation will remain in an environment of reason and learning; and where social and economic equality underpin tolerance and civil liberties.

Proof of Life was the Salamanca Arts Centre's 2018 Major Curated Exhibition.

Image: Lisa Garland, Fred’s Kitchen (2016)


Proof of Life: The Studio Sessions

15 - 26 March 2017
Salamanca Arts Centre,
Hobart, Australia

Is survival a sufficient condition for our existence, or is there more to being human?

What does it mean to be civilised against a fluid, and increasingly market-driven, system of social values?

What is required from our environment for us to thrive?

Artists, subject matter experts, community groups and the general public gathered at the Long Gallery to participate in a series of rolling events that elaborated on and investigated possible answers to these questions.


Peace and Quiet

28 November 2015 - 14 February 2016
State Library of Queensland,
Brisbane, Australia

At peacetime, but against the backdrop of growing global conflict, Peace and Quiet sought to reveal the contradictory and contested nature of peace by collecting perspectives and gestures from South-East Queenslanders situated on the borders of unrest.


The Homesickness Project

September 2014 - April 2015
Logan City, Queensland

Our home is a materialisation of physical, cultural and psychological environments that allows us to feel secure and content - where we feel at home.

Does the now-common situation where lives are dispersed across regions and cultures, and where our psychological well-being is destabilised by ever-present uncertainties in livelihoods, social standing and even the nature of the truth, render us all perpetually homesick?