September 2014 - April 2015

Various location in Logan City, Queensland

Our home is a materialisation of physical, cultural and psychological environments that allows us to feel secure and content - where we feel at home. Does the now-common situation where lives are dispersed across regions and cultures, and where our psychological well-being is destabilised by ever-present uncertainties in livelihoods, social standing and even the nature of the truth, render us all perpetually homesick?

The Homesickness Project is an umbrella project that unified diverse public events, community actions and exhibitions under a broad set of questions about how we make a home in the world.

Over fourteen months, Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong collaborated with ten local artists and community groups to develop seven participatory sub-projects that took homesickness as a starting point for discussions on how individuals fitted (or did not fit) into their surrounds. Collectively, these sub-projects argued that the world was
threatened as a home for its inhabitants - and this was further developed by a curated exhibition of studio work by 14 artists from Australia, Ireland, Croatia, Switzerland and the UK.

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