12th November, 2011

Hobart Town Hall,
Hobart, Tasmania


What do you find beautiful?

Elizabeth Woods posed this question to hundreds of Hobartians in her search for delightful people and their ideas. The product of this search was a public event where eighteen of Hobart's most beautiful thinkers competed for the title of The Most Beautiful Person of 2011. The contestants reflected, recited, sang, danced, cooked and undressed for a packed house, to convince the judges that they were the most charming, sincere, awe-inspiring and provocative on the day.

Astrid Cooper Winner - The Most Beautiful Person of 2011
Scarlett Jezebel Runner Up - The Most Beautiful Person of 2011
Dr. Neil Cameron Encouragement Award
Essie Cooper Encouragement Award


(in order of appearance)
Dimity Cenetsanakos, Hannah and Erin Martin
Essie Cooper
Wendy Morrow
Andrew Wilkie
Kim Wellspring
Karen Purcell
Penny Carey-Wells
Rhonda Voo
Dr. Neil Cameron
Tony Richardson
Astrid Cooper
Denise Robinson
Max McLaughlin
Scott Christensen
Scarlett Jezebel
Gai Anderson
Wayne Brookes
Undine Sellbach
Judges: Dr. Mary Scott
Michael Carnes


Elizabeth Woods' recipe for lamingtons is available here.

For their generosity and dedication, Elizabeth Woods would like to thank all the contestants and (in alphabetical order):

Elise Archer, Scott Aumont, Michael Carnes, Karin Chang, Rosemary Cordy, Sarah Cooper, Despard Gallery, Laura Hindmarsh, The Hobart City Council, The Hobart Fire Brigade, Kevin Leong, Jan Parker, Planet Organic, Karen Purcell, Laura Purcell, Dr. Mary Scott, Amanda Shone, Paula Silva, Nick Smithies, Esmay Sullivan, Victoria Sullivan, T42, Tasmanian Fudge Company, Peter Waller, Astrid Woods-Joyce, Cullan Woods-Joyce, Ella Woods-Joyce

The CWA Beauty Pageant 2011 was hosted by the CBD Hobart Branch of the Country Women’s Association and was supported by the Hobart City Council.

More information about the CBD Hobart Branch of the CWA is available at http://cwa-cbdbranch.com/.